M2030 is incorporated in Singapore. The M2030 team onboards new partners, and promotes M2030 products, services and campaigns. M2030 is both a brand and movement. M2030 corporate partners can use the brand for campaigns or for branding select products and services. In return, they pledge funds to fight malaria in the countries where the money was raised, working with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, or directly with reputable NGOs.

  M2030 Manifesto


We believe 1 case or 1 death from Malaria, is 1 too many.


We know Malaria can be eliminated. We have the tools and we have the will. Imagine all those lives saved, all those futures unscarred, all that sorrow stopped.

Complacency is the danger. If we don’t drive hard to eliminate Malaria in Asia, drug resistance will spread and cases will grow again.

2030. That is the year we have set for Malaria to be eliminated in Asia.

Together with you, united in Asia, we will succeed by 2030 and it will be remembered as one of the most important years in human history.

Together we will make history. Together we will defeat Malaria.