M2030 launches “M2030 x COVID 19” campaign

M2030 is excited to announce our new “M2030 x COVID 19” campaign. The campaign works with M2030 partners to help strengthen public health systems for both malaria elimination and COVID 19 response.

With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, M2030 partners have already stepped up to help. M2030 businesses have donated health equipment and contributed millions of dollars in cash and medical supplies for immediate relief efforts across Asia.

The “M2030 x COVID 19” campaign recognizes the efforts of M2030 partners during this public health crisis, and promotes continuing corporate sector leadership and engagement in the fight against COVID 19. By investing in stronger public health systems, communities are better prepared to both advance malaria elimination and respond to COVID 19.

As part of M2030 x COVID 19, M2030 is also launching a new partnership with Hope Theory, an innovative social enterprise from Indonesia. Through the Mask of Hope M2030 x COVID 19 campaign, for every 50 masks sold by Hope Theory, 1 million rupiah will be donated to the Indonesian non-profit PEKKA. PEKKA will use 100% of the funds to assist female-headed households whose livelihoods have been threatened by the COVID 19 pandemic.



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