M2030 Launches #SmackMalaria Challenge

M2030 is launching the #SmackMalaria challenge to raise awareness for malaria elimination. The #SmackMalaria challenge is a social media campaign inviting participants to post videos or photos of themselves “smacking malaria” in creative ways. By sharing #SmackMalaria posts on Facebook and Instagram, participants contribute to keeping malaria in the spotlight, helping to achieve M2030’s goal of completely eliminating malaria in Asia by 2030.

Want to help M2030 #SmackMalaria out of Asia? Just follow the instructions below:

M2030’s #SmackMalaria challenge raises awareness for the fight against malaria. Malaria still kills a child around the world every 2 minutes. With your help, we can #SmackMalaria and spread the word about our goal to eliminate malaria in Asia by 2030!

How to #SmackMalaria:

1. Draw  “#M2030” or the “M2030 logo” on your hand, or a rolled up newspaper, or anything else you want to smack malaria with!

2. Take a video of yourself pretending to “smack” an imaginary mosquito flying around a friend.

3. After smacking the mosquito, show the M2030 logo to the camera. If you are taking a photo instead of video, just hold the logo up to the camera and take a picture.

4. Post your video or photo on Facebook or Instagram with these tags: #SmackMalaria #M2030 #SmackMalariaChallenge Facebook: @M2030Together Instagram: @malaria2030

5. Tag another friend in your post, and challenge them to #SmackMalaria with a post of their own.

Copy and paste these instructions at the end of your post to help save lives and spread awareness for malaria elimination!

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