Business leaders speak out against malaria

The recent WHO World Malaria Report demonstrated good progress in the fight against malaria in Asia. However, there are still deep pockets in many parts of our region. And, the closer we get to elimination, the harder it will become to sustain the political resolve and funding for malaria programs.

As a community, we must keep the spotlight on the disease and ensure that we stay the course. This will require that people from all sectors of society come together and show they care, from business leaders to ordinary consumers. Their voices will have an impact on future domestic funding for malaria, and ultimately on our abilities to end the disease.

To respond to this challenge, APLMA built a “brand” to bring together businesses, consumers and health organizations in a unique partnership: M2030 Defeating Malaria Together.

M2030 partners with far-reaching businesses and foundations in Southeast Asia. Since the scaling of activities in early 2019, M2030 partners have rolled out consumer-focused malaria campaigns, and business leaders have engaged with policy makers using media, events and quiet diplomacy across the region.

Linked to the launch of the World Malaria Report in December this year, M2030 business leaders engaged in a social media campaign. Both APLMA and M2030 shared the campaign on their platforms, and M2030 partners and leaders also published the campaign.

To check out the campaign and the M2030 Champions in action, make sure that you follow M2030 on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, and APLMA on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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