Race to support the Yoma Yangon Marathon M2030 fundraising campaign

Malaria is a deadly disease that impacts hundreds of millions of people across the world. In Myanmar, more than 8.5 million people are still at high risk of the disease

M2030 is a movement that is committed to eliminating malaria in Myanmar. The Yoma Yangon International Marathon is supporting the fight.

Now we need your help! 100% of your contribution will go to support malaria elimination programs managed by PSI Myanmar, one of the leading NGOs in the country.

Here’s what your donation can provide to communities in need:

  • US $0.50 Buys one malaria test kit
  • US $1.00 Buys one dose of quality antimalarial treatment
  • US $2.00 Ensures an individual tested for malaria receives effective and quality antimalarial treatment through a qualified frontline malaria health provider
  • US $5.00 Equips a local frontline malaria health provider with a set of life-saving health commodities
  • US $10.00 Pays for a visit to a frontline malaria health provider, providing supervision and supplementary
  • support, and delivering lifesaving commodities
  • US $20.00 Delivers vital antimalarial education to 1,000 people in the community
  • US $30.00 Provides a day of community-based training in quality malaria care to a frontline health provider

Your contribution will go a long way towards ending malaria and improving lives for the most vulnerable people in Myanmar!

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