New M2030 Partners in Myanmar

KFC, Auntie Anne’s, and Little Sheep Hot Pot join M2030

Customers at some of Myanmar’s most popular new restaurants now have the opportunity to support M2030 and malaria elimination with every visit. Yoma Strategic Holdings recently announced the expansion of its partnership with M2030 to include three major Myanmar restaurant chains under its ownership — KFC, Auntie Anne’s, and Little Sheep Hot Pot. M2030 campaigns at these restaurant locations will include the distribution of malaria awareness flyers as well as donation boxes to support malaria elimination programs in Myanmar.

Yoma’s announcement marks M2030’s first entrance into the food and beverage sector as a way to involve Asian consumers in malaria elimination efforts. The large number of restaurant locations operated by Yoma will allow M2030 to reach a wide range of Myanmar customers on a daily basis. Yoma opened its first KFC restaurant in Yangon in 2015, and has quickly expanded to 33 locations nationwide. Yoma also opened Myanmar’s first Auntie Anne’s and Little Sheep Hotpot locations in Yangon earlier this year, with similar plans to expand these strong international brands across the country.

The M2030 campaigns starting at KFC, Auntie Anne’s, and Little Sheep Hot Pot in Myanmar join Yoma’s existing M2030 campaigns running at Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospitals, New Holland tractor dealerships, and JCB construction equipment outlets. 100% of all funds raised by Yoma through M2030 campaigns goes to malaria elimination programs implemented by Population Services International Myanmar. 

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