Outdoor Channel Asia and M2030 reach consumers across Asia

Outdoor Channel Asia is supporting the fight against malaria in Asia by reaching out to its viewers in more than 16 countries across the region. The network has recently placed a short M2030 clip into regular rotation during its programming breaks. The clip explains how consumers and businesses are joining forces to defeat malaria in Asia by 2030, and invites viewers to visit M2030.org to find out more.

Outdoor Channel Asia is an M2030 partner. With a viewership of over 10 million households in Asia, the network has supported building the M2030 movement from the very start. The current ad campaign is helping to raise awareness about malaria in Asia while also increasing recognition of the M2030 brand among Asian consumers. The partnership is a key component of M2030’s strategy to enable consumers and business to play a direct role in defeating malaria in Asia within the next ten years.

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