Defeating Malaria Together

M2030 brings together businesses, consumers and health organisations in a unique partnership to eliminate malaria in Asia by 2030.

Why Malaria

Malaria has killed more people than any disease in history and it still kills one child every second minute across the world. But in Asia, we are close to eliminating malaria. When we succeed, we will make history. Together.

  Here’s how you can help

Support M2030 companies, and their products and services. Your choices can help save millions of lives.

Why Malaria

Malaria has killed more people than any other disease in history and it still kills a child every second minute.

Progress is possible. In Asia the number of malaria cases and deaths has halved in less than 15 years. We know that we are on the right track and that with one big last push, we can eliminate malaria for good from Asia. But, we face an urgent challenge.

Drug resistant forms of malaria are emerging in Southeast Asia. This is a serious threat to the people of Asia and the rest of the world.

The fight against malaria has reached a critical moment. We now face the prospect of a resurgence of the disease. Strains that are resistant to multiple drugs have appeared in Southeast Asia, and could spread to Africa, where they have the potential to cause a deadly catastrophe.

New York Times – 26 September, 2017

Drug-resistant malaria super bugs threaten a global public health disaster unless urgent action is taken to fight their spread in Southeast Asia. 

Financial Times - 2 February, 2017

M2030 partners are launching campaigns to raise awareness and funds for malaria as well as developing M2030 branded products and services.


When you buy an M2030 branded product or service, 100% of your contribution will go directly to malaria programs that save lives in Asia. With M2030, we are making history, together.







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